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Transgender Adults In US Face Increased Health Risk

Transgender has recently been started to be recognized as the third gender in most of the sections of the community these days. However, in the US, transgender adults are more prone to have health-related issues and harmful habits which can deteriorate their quality of life much more than people who had their genders corresponding to the ones mentioned in their identification certificates.

The data was collected from 3075 transgender adults and 719567 cis-genders for the purpose of the survey by the researchers. According to the reports, the individuals who were transgender were more likely to have a sedentary form of life and be smokers and not have health insurances. 30 % of the transgender were more likely to say that they had fair or poor health with close to 66 % complaining of having mental disorders.

Though America has been very progressive about their mentality and approach as far as transgender are concerned, between the periods of 2014 to 2017 the attitude became a little problematic and their treatment often turned out to be worse than expected. Thus, there are still negative impacts on the health of transgender adults in the US today because of the societal situation of non-acceptance. Nondiscrimination protection against them is therefore still one of the major issues regarding public health in the country.

The people who participated in the survey were asked to identify with their gender on the basis of four options. They were either trans-male, trans-female, non-conforming gender or not a transgender. When a comparative analysis was done, 19 % of transgender were found to be smokers in comparison to 16 % of cis-genders while 35 % of transgender showed fewer signs of activity compared to 26 % of the other group. Insurance covered 80 % of transgender while it did the same for 85 % of the cis-genders. Transgender also reported more mental problems in the previous month. Thus, it is clear from the report that transgender still suffered disparities as far as health is concerned.

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