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E-cigarette Products Laced With Fungal, Bacterial Toxins

E-cigarettes have been under the push since the time of its inception, but experts claim that it is not a very healthy substitute for traditional cigarettes and still had a lot of cause for concern. The e-cigarette makers have been consistent in advertising their safety though. However, a recent study has claimed that these e-cigarette products had fungal and bacterial toxic products contamination which could potentially cause diseases related to the lungs.

These e-cigarettes have the potential to cause asthma as well as a chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder due to the multiple impurities present in them. What was alarming was the fact that they were found in almost a quarter of e-cigarette cartridges of single-use and 75 percent of e-liquids. The discovery of these impurities has made the e-cigarettes more susceptible to bans as health professionals have been quarreling for a long time about its safety.

The e-cigarettes that were studied belonged to four major categories- menthol, tobacco, fruit and other and the toxins for which they were screened were glucan and endotoxins that had the potential to cause inflammatory disease of the lungs. 23 percent of the 75 products that were screened had endotoxins which are found in bacteria and 81 percent of them had glucan traces which are naturally found in the fungal cell wall. Another interesting finding from the screening was the fact that fruit-flavored e-cigarettes had the maximum concentration of endotoxin which could mean that there is some problem with the manufacturing process which caused the contamination.

Though the researchers have clearly stated that they have not figured out the point of contamination exactly the cotton wicks used in the e-cigarettes could be potentially significant. This is due to the fact that both glucan and endotoxin have an affinity for cotton fibers. It can be concluded from the above result that e-cigarettes need a lot of regulation before they can be launched into the mainstream market.

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