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Kissing Bug Alarm Raised In Delware As Summer Approaches

A bug that sucks blood from your body, which is called the kissing bug, had bitten a girl in the Delaware State, on her face while watching television. Now CDC (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is saying that the incident was the first bug identification of that type has been confirmed in the state. The kissing bug, whose scientific name is Triatomasanguisuga bites people around mouth and eyes. It can transmit Trypanosomacruzi, which is a parasite that causes Chagas disease that could result in serious gastrointestinal and cardiac complications. When the bug had bitten the girls, the family had communicated with the Delaware Agriculture Department and Delaware Public Health Division for helping them identify the creature.

According to a report by CDC on Thursday, the family was concerned regarding the disease transmission after that insect has bitten her.  The report stated that the girl did not have any ill effects.

Though the presence of the bug has been confirmed in the Delaware State currently, there was no evidence that Trypanosomacruzi is present in the state. Still the case has raised concerns as to how many new bites of kissing bug might happen in current summer all across the Delaware State. According to the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, though risk of transmission of the parasite Trypanosomacruzi through the kissing bug is minimal, mostly these bugs in US are vectors of diseases and so the transmission parasite could rise due to climate change.

Chagas is widespread in Latin America, a place where a different species of these bugs reside and can find their way into the households. The epidemiology professor of A&M University, Sarah Hamer said that these households could have walls that are poorly insulated or thatched roofs, the bugs feed on people and animals at home.

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