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New Vehicle Market Set To Be Crowded In The Coming Years

Pickup trucks have become hugely popular of late and have been carrying the New Vehicle Market on its shoulders in the US automobile market. However, the market is going to become crowded soon as the big guns like Mitsubishi, Hyundai, and Volkswagen are looking to enter this particular segment of utility vehicles and adding it to their lineup.

According to the analysts associated with this industry for long, both Mitsubishi and Volkswagen are contemplating their decision and are expected to make the move to reenter the market within the middle of the upcoming 10 years. Hyundai is a step ahead though and is already known to be working on putting the Santa Cruz version on the road soon, which they displayed in the North American International Auto Show in 2015. Other than these, Mercedes Benz, as well as Fiat Chrysler, is considering an entrance in this mid-size truck market as it is expected to become the segment with the fastest growth potential soon.

Mark Chaffin, COO of the North American section of Mitsubishi feels that a little more research needs to be done about choosing a model that will be more suitable to the demographics and customers of Mitsubishi and that is really competitive in the upcoming market. Mitsubishi is no pushover in this particular segment though as they have offered different types of pickup trucks for its customers in the US in the past, with the Dodge Dakota, more recently called the Raider being the most famous one. Volkswagen is on a similar route of exploration at this particular moment. However, whenever they decide to enter the market, they are going to do so in the midsize pickup section and not the full-size one as that is already dominated by a number of companies like General Motors, Fiat and Ford. Thus, it would seem like a smart move to choose this favorable section for business.

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