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GM Joins The Bandwagon; Adds EV Trucks To Its Portfolio

General Motors (GM), the largest maker of the automobiles in the US, is joining hands with Tesla and Ford along with Rivian, the startup company to come up with a pickup, which will be powered by electric instead of gas.

The Americans have been found wanting when it comes to catching on with electric vehicles. Sale of plug-based four wheelers of various kinds, including the hybrid varieties, however, shot up from 195,226in the year 2017 to 360,353 in 2018. This was revealed by Industrial Data. However, it was still lesser than 2% of the overall market of new vehicles. Moreover, as far as the battery-electric powered vehicles are concerned, they constituted barely half of that figure.

However, the manufacturers want to change that scenario. They want the customers to add more of these electric powered vehicles to their wish list. The electric-powered truck has been in the pipeline of Tesla for quite some time. Elon Musk, the CEO of the company is iterating that more of these vehicles will come up in the months ahead.

Ford, on the other hand, in investing $500 million on Rivian, which is planning to come up with an electric version of the F-150 pickup truck.

Meanwhile, GM, as per Sam Abuelsamid, who is the principal research analyst of the leading Mobility research of Navigant Research has speculated that GM is planning to come up with a battery-powered version of Chevrolet Silverado.

The same change is reflected in the market where bigger vehicles make more news than the smaller ones. Take, for instance, Texas. Here everything is larger, and the market for trucks is no different.  Here again, the larger versions of these electrically driven pickups are going to make an impact or two.

Things are not without challenges though. In the remote, far off places, availability of a sound mechanic in the hour of need is an issue. Thus, it is often said that the electric vehicles are for the ones living in cities and for those typical weekend warriors.

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