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Study Reveals More Young Deaths Owing To Heart Failure In US

According to a recent study submitted by Northwestern Medicine, increasing number of young Americans are falling prey to heart attacks due to epidemic of diabetes and obesity which is raging across the country. The study showed that there has been an increase in heart attacks among black male adults within age group of 35 to 64 and coauthor Sadiya Khan stated that despite progress in medical field in the past couple of decades a lot more needs to be done in preventing heart disease. She said that this trend is likely to worsen as nearly 93 million Americans are obese and a shocking 30 million have diabetes.

Heart failure generally happens when heart muscles are unable to pump blood effectively through the body which can lead to swelling in feet and legs followed by shortness of breath and ultimately death after persistent cough. Unfortunately around 5/7 million adults in US suffer from this condition and the study group’s examination of nearly 47 million death certificates at CDC database between 1999 and 2017 revealed that number of deaths due to heart failure is slowing rising after a lull over several years.

CDC data showed that heart failure cases between age group of 35-84 numbered just 79 out of 100,000 during 1999 while in 2012 the figure stood at 54 per 100,000 but suddenly in 2017 the figure shot up to 59 deaths per 100,000. This was alarming as most deaths were of young adults and also black men and women were more when compared to their white peers. During 2017 around 38 deaths from heart failure were of black men and during the same period nearly 20 black women out of 100000 died from the same disease. Researcher Khan said that these diverse numbers were due to susceptibility of black adults towards high blood pressure which makes them vulnerable.

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